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ABOUT US   AMS is dedicated to good service with new logistics systems

mission statement
picture To provide third party logistics services that incorporate defined distribution and order fulfillment practices for mid size and large size clients. Our services need to manage ourclients most difficult activity and provide solutions to their most challenging objectives. AMS Logistics must provide vendor managed inventory practices and supply chain management solutions for direct to retail, trade and consumer clients while eliminating inefficienciesand redundancies within their existing distribution operation. For our direct to retail clients AMS Logistics needs to assemble and manage data toand from our clients in addition to sending the appropriate detail to their clients inthe form of advanceshipment notifications (ASN). For our trade and consumer clients AMS Logistics provides access to information bylinking them to a proprietary Web Exchange that is accessible from any remote location and has the most detailed information. AMS Logistics executes the Order Fulfillment process expeditiously providing clients with periodic automated updates and benchmarks to insure quality operational and customer service. Our web-based Order Fulfillment process is continuously monitored to insure the best available practices and technology are in use.
We have an 200,000 sq ft Warehouse located in Morristown New Jersey. Over 15,000 sq feet is dedicated to production and kitting processes that include shrink wrapping, product bundling, re-packing, bulk mailings and many other production type processes. The warehouse contains bulk storage areas, secure (vaulted) locations for high-value product and racks setup within VNA (very narrow aisle).
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Certifications / Licenses
Drug & Medical License
Expiration: 01/31/2009

Food & Cosmetic
Expiration: 05/31/2009

Liquor License

FDA Registration
Reg# 10316394046
Effective 01/01/2004

Bio-Terrorism Act Compliant

UCC128 Shipping Label approved - Kmart, Target, Michaels Stores,Wal-Mart, Toys R Us

ASN 856 Certification - Kmart,Target, Montgomery Ward