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WAREHOUSING   AMS is dedicated to good service with new logistics systems

mission statement
Inventory is shelved and location, quantity, version, date and time received, etc. captured and updated immediately to our radio beacon system using barcode and wireless technologies.

Inventory is tracked within radio beacon, which is designed for low-cost storage solution and efficient space utilization. It typically reduces customer storage requirements by 10% to 15% or more.

Product is stored and charged based on actual profile of item such as size and weight, special characteristics, environmental parameters, etc. (Storage is only charged for the amount of actual on-hand inventory the last day of month.)

Customers, vendors, etc. can monitor location status, receiving, usage, "low-level"/reorder, backorder quantity, "out-of-stock" incident, etc. electronically via approved browser access, online reporting, and client services.

Real-time inventory system provides location-based cycle counts, individual item audits, or complete physical inventory counts. Wireless technology is used to verify quantities and make adjustments without shutting down operations. This "perpetual" inventory system provides inventory variances as low as less than 1%.
Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) are received from business partners, suppliers, freight companies, etc., and product information uploaded to our OMS and radio beacon system instantly. (This information is critical to providing customers/vendors with accurate and timely information regarding product.)

Inventory is received, counted, inspected, and verified against ASNs (usually within eight-hour "dock-to-stock" process).

Product is shelved and location recorded real-time into radio beacon using barcode and wireless technologies.

Materials received against backorders are confirmed and "cross-docked" for immediate release and shipment.

Receiving documentation is provided to Account Manager for verification. Once approved, receiving is confirmed and inventory available for order processing.

All transactions and product movement throughout the entire supply chain are monitored electronically for errors and accountability. Information is viewable real-time 24/7 by all authorized personnel.
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Certifications / Licenses
Drug & Medical License
Expiration: 01/31/2009

Food & Cosmetic
Expiration: 05/31/2009

Liquor License

FDA Registration
Reg# 10316394046
Effective 01/01/2004

Bio-Terrorism Act Compliant

UCC128 Shipping Label approved - Kmart, Target, Michaels Stores,Wal-Mart, Toys R Us

ASN 856 Certification - Kmart,Target, Montgomery Ward