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Your Best Shipping & Tracking Automated Transport System: AMS Logistics


Processed orders are routed to automated shipping / manifesting station, weighed, and prepared for shipping via best cost, best way. Completed orders are electronically acknowledged by scanning of bar coded labels. Bills of Lading, shipping labels, invoices and necessary customs documentation are prepared automatically. Once shipped, order information can be accessed and tracked by individual order, batch, or group by using AMS Web Exchange. Shipment and delivery confirmations can be captured and e-mailed to client on individual or group basis.

AMS logistics is one of the most sought-after companies for automated shipping and tracking. We are reliable and affordable. Ever since automation was introduced in transport and shipping, the margin of error has all but disappeared. Now you can record your order placements, organize numbers, track dates and time, and manage all the other functions of your business.
We track our shipping, so you don’t have to worry about high-value items that need to travel across the globe. You can relax a little, knowing that you can track the status of your shipped goods.

Guidelines to Choose a Shipping & Transportation Company
And How AMS Logistics Is the Best:

AMS Logistics’ automated shipping and transportation will send off your valuable merchandise with the utmost care. We understand that you’ve probably already researched different logistics companies. The correct transportation channel is vital to the success of your business. Here are the key points why we believe that AMS is your best choice.

Advantages to Using AMS Logistics

  • Clear, Readable Paper Trail

    If you compare the different shipping quotes from various companies, you will see slight advantages between them. To make this process easier, we offer the most affordable shipping rates in writing. We can email these prices to you or mail you printed copies, depending on your preference.
  • Excellent History of Success

    You want to make sure that any company you work with has a good performance record. You can study our website, read our customer reviews and see that we have a history of quality service and secure transport options. Our clients are all respectable businesses, and their feedback has always been very important to us. You can check out the Testimonials on our homepage. Our customers vouch for our impeccable, timely service.
  • POD Payment

    Most shipping companies require you to pay before shipping your merchandise. You have to wrangle payment receipts to make sure that you don’t get accidentally billed twice. At AMS Logistics, you don’t have to pay in advance. Your satisfaction is our first priority. You can pay us after your shipment arrives.
  • Insured Shipping

    Most good shipping companies can provide you with delivery insurance, in case of any loss or damage. Of course, we also offer this option too, and we’re glad to give you any opportunity to have peace of mind with your precious cargo.

AMS Logistics for Great Business Flow

Automated shipping and tracking allows you to track an infinite number of shipping orders through shipment or tracking IDs. At AMS Logistics, you get a fully equipped facility to view and track your shipment orders. You can find the location of your shipment, its delivery status, its expected delivery time, and its size/weight details. You’ll never lose a shipment with AMS, because we value your order as much as you do. We’ll take proper care of your merchandise from departure to destination.

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Drug & Medical License
Expiration: 01/31/2009

Food & Cosmetic
Expiration: 05/31/2009

Liquor License

FDA Registration
Reg# 10316394046
Effective 01/01/2004

Bio-Terrorism Act Compliant

UCC128 Shipping Label approved - Kmart, Target, Michaels Stores,Wal-Mart, Toys R Us

ASN 856 Certification - Kmart,Target, Montgomery Ward